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The speed at which the world is being transformed by the democratization of innovation is unprecedented. This presents one of the greatest challenges and opportunities for larger corporates. How do you participate & win in this rapidly changing innovation environment? 

We can help navigate these waters and guide your journey by transforming your goals into a comprehensive innovation outsourcing strategy, on-ground customized training programs, from simply community engagement to designing & staffing in-house Acceleration Programs or Corporate Venture Capital teams, internal to the company or on a BOT basis.

"The answer to the innovation paradox - how to bring that innovation from the edge back into our business is a million-dollar question. We ask this every day."
                                                                - Venky Balakrishnan

What Do You Get?

While your engagement, strategy & results may significantly vary based on your requirements, this is generally accurate.

1. Access to new technology

              – Accelerate product roadmap, IP licensing, Joint Development,                                     Commercial Licencing etc.

2. Trend spotting & market intelligence

              – Business/ technology insights into industry sub sectors, 2nd brand                           concept testing,

              – Industry interaction platforms

3. Commercial relationships

              – Sales from new products / product categories.

              – Strategic entry into new sectors with low market risk

4. M&A Pipeline

              – New lines of businesses added at significantly reduced cost & risk

              – New technology added at significantly reduced cost & risk

5. Financial Growth & Sustainability Metrics for Portfolio

             – Revenue & Customer Growth; Cost Savings etc.



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