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Turning brilliant ideas
into remarkable businesses..

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We are an entrepreneurial team that helps startups and corporates create, scale and realize significant value & deep engagement with the start-up and innovation eco-system in India.

 Venture Capital
Investing financial, human & social capital to help exceptional start-ups achieve their potential. 

Fund Raising 
Helping promising start-ups to prepare, present & raise funds from the start-up funding ecosystem

We assist Corporates & Family Offices explore the innovation eco-system to create and unleash value.
A 6 month idea stage acceleration program for select entrepreneurs to help create valuable start-ups.

Mistakes cost time and money, both rare & precious commodities for an early-stage entrepreneur. 

Delivering Package

How We Help Entrepreneurs


The Know-How

Our DNA is entrepreneurial. Our partners have founded & built start-ups, funded & mentored unicorns, raised capital for their own & their portfolio ventures & exited multiple ventures. Having seen the industry as entrepreneurs and then as investors we are exceptionally placed to guide the best of you to unleash your potential


The Money

We have several avenues to help promising entrepreneurs raise the funds they require to build brilliant businesses, whether through our own sister concern venture fund, raising it directly from other eco-system participants or through the Superfuel Foundry. We have raised over US$400 Million for our start-ups & portfolio companies which uniquely positions us to help you access the funds you need.


The Connections

When it comes to social capital, we view it in three buckets. Mentors, Experts & Business Introductions. Given our network of mentors include several founders of Unicorns and leading names in the innovation space, we are confident we have that nailed. There rest is much simpler given our extensive corporate & start-up experience. Essentially, we drive significant social capital to our portfolio! 

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