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We look for tech start-ups fueled by super talented, resourceful & energetic founders, going after a big market opportunity, armed with a differentiated solution. 

What Do We Look For?

We are always open to brilliant ideas & founders in any sector, given the breadth of services we can help with, we do have a leaning or two depending on what kind of assistance you are seeking. Use the form on the website for us to better understand your business and stage as well as which of our offerings is relevant and meaningful to you. While we are sector agnostic for seed stage (product-market fit optimization), we are particularly by excited founders solving for solutions in fashion-tech, simplifying urban living and aggregation of SME markets at the acceleration stage (solution-MVP discovery). 


What Do We Bring To The Table?

Generally, irrespective of the nature of our engagement, in addition to Social Capital & Financial Capital, we work with the founders to add value around our strengths, primarily focusing on:


1. Establishing viable & scalable model elements

2. Scalable distribution

3. Unit Economics & capturing disproportionate value

4. UI & UX

5. Communication & brand building

6. Sounding board for all your creativity  

Again, the breadth & depth of these elements will change based on the stage of the business, the strengths and weaknesses of the founding team & the nature of the engagement.

If all this sounds appealing, write to us about your startup using our application form to explore future opportunities.

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